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Thread: Valdez Fishing?

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    Question Valdez Fishing?

    I am home for two weeks and will be making a trip to Valdez (within the next seven days) and was wondering what kind of fishing is available this time of year. I'll most likely be fishing from shore but any suggestions or information is most welcome. Thanx!

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    Question Valdez

    Silvers may still be available off Alison Point? My friend said a set netter comes in at the end of the season (mid sept) to harvest the fish. Perhaps someone can provide a recent report.

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    Default Valdez Report

    I was down there last weekend and did pretty good off of Alison Point about an hour and a half to two hours after the tide started comming in. The seiners where out in full force and would even go next to the fish ladder area. We still manage to get our limits of bright Silvers some to 15 pounds. Bright orange number 4 vibrex with chrome blade did the trick. Have fun.


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