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    Default New Wintertime hobby...

    Rod building/repair!!! I have a newfound respect for ALL fishing rods after spending some hours this last weekend repairing 2 of my own. I've had some beat up trolling/stand-up rods sitting in my shop loft for 8 years or so; the rods were not broken but had missing guides, butt caps/gimbals, missing/broken rod tips. I had no clue how much work goes in to replacing ONE guide, not to mention 9 guides plus 3 tips. My fishing buddy used to wrap/build rods for income and felt sorry for me as I was just planning to tape the guides on the rod and sealing the tape somehow. No way! We spent 4 hours patching everything up and I spent 2 hours applying Flex Coat; didn't do a good job BTW as I finally stood them in a corner after 2 hours of spinning them and then saw later in the day that the finish ran/dripped a little.
    Kinda fun. Saw lots of sites that sells complete kits, parts, etc. One thing for sure, if serious about getting into this, it's a requirement to get a rod lathe/dryer!!!

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    Wink you mean there is more to it...?

    than duct tape and J-B weld?
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    Default waint a minute

    them fellers dont use epoxy?

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    Default from a distance...

    they look brand new, the finish ran mostly on the under side (opposite guides); liv2fish,
    unless I'm mistaken; the Flex Coat is an epoxy finish; you have to mix the A & B parts equally. Had I been able to put it on a rod dryer; it would've turned out better.
    Shoot Dave, I could've saved a few bucks with ductape & JB Weld; maybe next time!
    One thing for sure, you can't beat the short rods at TrustWorthy that I've seen on sale; I mean a 4'6 or so Lamiglass with aluminum butt for just around a 100 bucks is cheap! You can't even buy all the components for that, plus the time it takes. But it's fun to work on your own stuff.


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