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Thread: Dalton Update--Atigun to PS-3

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    Default Dalton Update--Atigun to PS-3

    My two weeks are up...time to go chase moose

    For those of you heading up this weekend

    The caribou have really spread out and are NOT bunching up near the road the way they were early last week--of course that could change any moment but I have not seen animals in the last 4 days.

    For you rifle hunters--the upper Kuparuk is always a solid bet--start walking out at the gate (117 APL/AMS 1) on the ridge top just north of the Kuparuk River. Go all the way back to the gravel pit. At the road's end, you will dogleg left around some gravel hills (you can see them easily from the road), gain the ridge, and dogleg right. This route will gve you the firmest walking ground. Use your GPS, be careful and be prepared for the pack out.

    Also, consider picking up a sheep harvest ticket--I have seen the occasional full curl ram--but never in the same place twice

    For those unfamiliar with R.U.G.s. RUG stands for Recreational Users Guide. Its a permission slip from Alyeska to trespass on the pipeline right of way. They're free. Stop in at the Alyeska regional HQ in Fairbanks (its on South Cushman) or at any pump station except 4. There are some do's and don'ts and Alyeska asks you to be an extra set of eyes so please report any damage, vandalism or suspicious items/persons you find or see.

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    Thanks for the update
    Living the Alaskan Dream
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    Default Dalton

    Erik, thanks for the informative update. Always wanted to try the Dalton but didn't know how to go about it (never been north of Cantwell). Good luck on the moose hunt.


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