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Thread: Konus Rifle Scopes?

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    Default Konus Rifle Scopes?

    Anyone have first hand knowledge about the Konuspro rifle scopes? I'm looking to scope a 257 weatherby.

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    Default We Sell a Lot of 'Em

    First words out of everyone's mouth is 'dang, that's clear'! Seem to have really nice optics in the things. I'm using a 6-24 on a Ruger Mini-14, and figure to move that monster over to my .22-250 and look for something more compact for the Mini.
    Over the last year, we've had two come back. One, the rubber eyepiece ring came off, and we replaced it, the other had no defect, but we replaced it anyway. Perhaps sold a bit more than a hundred of the things locally, but we don't put up with the extremes (for the most part) that you do up there.
    The warranty, by the way, is direct replacement over the counter. No shipping it off to be fixed and waiting for it. You get a new one at the point of sale.
    I'm liking the ones I've got, adjustments work well, they haven't busted, and seem to be a real bargain.
    I still use Leupolds, Redfields, Bausch & Lomb and Burris on my hunting guns, though. No need to replace them just yet......


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