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Thread: Holster for a Taurus PT140 ???

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    Default Holster for a Taurus PT140 ???

    Just picked up a taurus Millenium PT140 Pro, can't seem to find a holster that fits this thing,
    wondering what everyone else is using, what size/model uncle mikes do these things fit in?
    The only brands I can find that specifically say they're for the PT140 are Bianchi and Fobus, but Fobus says theirs don't fit the pro models and I tried mine in a Bianchi and that is not gonna work, a guy would get a nasty wedgie on the way to clearing leather....
    I like my fobus holster for the Glock but I'm not sure who has them in stock locally so I can try one on.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I have a Don Hume holster for my pt140 mil/pro. I bought it online and it works well. However, I am at work now and don't have the web site information handy. Will look it up tonight from home and post it here for you.


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    here you go:

    This is where I got mine from. Enjoy!

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    Default holster for pt 140 pro millenium

    I found an excellent leather holster for my millenium pt 140 .40. Its meant for a sig but I found it at a local gun store in Phoenix. When I got there the guy said he wouldnt have a holster that would fit my gun. But I refused to leave until he checked every single one. Finally he found two holsters one open, and one with a strap to lock the pistol in place. I chose the one with the strap because I dont want some idiot coming up behind me and grabbing my gun. The holster is made by El Paso Saddlery Co. I went to the website but all you can get is there catalog, for $5 and S&H. The holster was 65 but Im sure in the catalog it will be cheaper hope that helps. If you want a picture of it email me at


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