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Thread: Need Info on Slana area

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    Default Need Info on Slana area

    Am looking for property in Alaska and one area of interest is Slana. I currently live in Paradise Valley Montana and I am looking for a place to live 6 to 7 months of the year, not in the dead of winter. My areas of concern are.

    1. To live by the road system to allow me to have the ability to go to larger cities for supplies etc. 3 to 5 hours one way is okay

    2. I do not need a job so this is no concern

    3. Be able to go hunting with boats, four wheeler etc.

    4. In a area of good fishing ie rainbow trout, salmon and pike

    5. Need the ability to get out of trees into more open areas

    6. Little to no wind

    7. Animals of interest, bears, moose, caribou etc.

    I have been to Alaska 4 times, once fishing out of Dillingham, Cold Bay for brown bear and twice to Brooks Range for sheep and bear.

    I am coming up late spring for a month in a motorhome to look around any info on this area or any others that you think I should look at I would appreciate your help.


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    Default Slana

    The Slana area is beautiful. My parents had a home on the Slana River for many years and I shot my first moose and caribou there in 1966. There is a lot of native land and access is not what it used to be. Unit 13 has a bunch of ATV trails and it will take you years to travel them all. The glory days of hunting in Unit 13 are gone and will never return. There are a bunch of wolves, black and grizzly bears in Unit 13 and a lot of hunters due to the road system and large towns in that game unit. The moose and caribou populations reflect this. The last time I checked a bull moose had to be either a spike/fork, 50" or 4 brow tine bull to be legal during the general season. The caribou population falls under the Tier II regulations and is a hot topic amongst Alaskans every year. The sheep population gets hit hard, once again this is because of access. There are state and federal subsistance hunts as well as parks and private land issues hunters face. Slana is in game management Unit 13C and that is very close to Unit 11 and 12. There is fishing for grayling, lake trout, pike, white fish and burbot which is Alaska's only fresh water ling cod. The Gulkana River is a ways away from there and it has rainbows. Red and King salmon come up the Copper River and go up the Slana and Gulkana. The Gulkana is a good fishery that is becomming more regulated every year. It takes awhile to figure out the hunting up here. If I was younger and work and family were not an issue I would live outside of Fairbanks and spend the rest of my life hunting the Brooks Range. The wind blows in all of Alaska, just harder in some places. Slana is heavily timbered, go high to get in the open. P.M. me if you want. I am not trying to discourage you just giving you my honest opinion. It is still wild country and beats living in a city. I miss going to Slana. Good luck.

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    Default Salna?

    Salna can be a little spooky man! The road into the park offers some great fishing and hunting but the area is not that nice in my book. Look north or south! Mentasta Lake area is like Wow and Tok is very nice as is Gakona.


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    I sold my Slana acreage before moving here to northern
    Idaho, but shoot me a private message with your phone number and I'll give you all I know on the area.

    It's one of the prettier spots in Alaska.

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    Default slana

    it is pretty there but didn't they change part of the area to a national park and part to a preserve? i don't know where the boundarys are but have hunted in there before and after the change.

    don't want to talk paticulars but i do know that permits are needed for some game (sorry meant permits for some areas) if not all now, and talking to the guy that owns the lodge on nebesna road he's not happy with the state at all for all the restrictions up there...

    i'd still live up there though if i could afford it for 5-6 months out of the year... looking to adopt??


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    Default Slana

    Thanks for the replys any more info. on this area or any others is greatly appreciated.

    sbiinc not looking to adopt just yet.

    fullkurl and .388 you have pm



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