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Thread: Went north - found snow!

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    Default Went north - found snow!

    Hello all. A buddy and I drove north till we found decent snow. It was his first trip out on his new to him sled and my fist trip out in deep snow with the tracks on the wheeler. Awesome times. We rode some swamps and hills at mile 177 or so on the Parks. Then back to a large pull out with many trucks, through the woods and swamps down to the river. There is snow up north, just gotta drive to it.
    A few pics.

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    Yes, the fourwheeler pulled out the sled.

    It's amazing where these tracks will go. I climbed a very long steep hill and kept waiting for them to lose momentum and dig in. The machine did lose it's momentum but the tracks just kept pulling it slowly up over the top! I was shocked! Slow speed hill climbing! I was able to putz around through the trees very slowly if I chose, backing up effortlessly if need be, and pick my way through. Good times.

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    Thats really cool! Just curious, how did the wheeler do on gas compared to the sled? Also, what kind of speed can you comfortably get with the tracks?

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    Fuel consumption is up. The tracks gear you way down, so rpms are way up. Deep heavy snow sucks alot of fuel, not so bad trail riding. Not sure on top speed, they average 40% reduction. They throw your speedo way off, I've had mine maxed out and they felt super stable.

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    is the steering alot heavier with those tracks. it looks like it would because it has a alot more contact with the ground than regular tires.

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    Yes it steers heavier. Not difficult at all on hard pack, requires some effort in deep snow and really steep off camber situations.

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    When you pulled out the snowmachine was it really in there or were you just testing the wheeler? Is that sno-go equiped with 121 track or what?


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