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    Guy's just wondering, I've always put tire chains on the rear wheels, but with a 4X4 would it be better to put them on the front. I kind of starting thinking it might be better for stopping power.

    What do you all do in a very tough snow/ice area which would require chains on a 4X4.

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    For plowing, pushing and pulling duty, I put them on the rear. For driving on hard packed or icy road driving, I put them on the front. But when they are on the front, you have to drive slowly and drive it like you mean it, as if you have to panic stop for any reason, the tendancy is for the rear to come around on you. If you are traveling a highway, with very steep downhill grades, like some of the passes, put them on the rear. On simple flat highways, like the Parks, put them on the front.

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    I've never put tire chains on a 4x4 for road use. For off-road times they went on the front. I pull 5000-6000# trailers regularly in the winter and wouldn't consider doing so with less than 4 studded tires. Drift on the corners is no factor. Stopping power is excellent as long as I'm paying attention. Traction is no problem. Deep snow, wet ice, ruts, etc., I'd rather have 4 good studded tires than tire chains every time. Especially coming down hills.

    For what it's worth, I used BF Goodrich studded winter tires for several years and thought they were adequate. Then I switched to Coopers. The difference is amazing. The Coopers have so much more traction it's hard to believe. Another thing I prefer for pulling winter trailers is good lighting. To clearly see a wider and longer view makes driving much more relaxing.


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