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Thread: Polaris Wide Trak IQ

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    A 4-stroke in the Polaris wide trak, now there's an idea! Has anyone purchased one of these machines? If so, what is your opinion of them?

    Polaris has apparently had this motor out for a couple of years now and are now putting them into the wide trak chassis......anyone have any pros and/or cons on the motor?

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    Default Pol IQ

    I talked to a Polaris dealer about the WT IQ and he said he wasn't going to carry any this first year as they have had troubles in the past with Polaris 4 stroke not holding up past a few hundred miles 1,400 at best. According to the dealer Polaris keeps promising this 4 stroke is going to get better as they have made many improvements this year. However he is not going to take a chance, and will not order any of these models until next year to see how they hold up.

    Just what I heard.


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