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    Default Moose Hunting

    Am planning a 2009 Moose hunt to Alaska and am looking into the Wood Tikchik region. Can someone tell me if the area supports a healthy population of Moose and would recommend any air taxi's that are quality and dependable. Thanks for the help.


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    Thumbs up Air Service...

    Bay Air operates out of Dillingham, Alaska. Tom does the flying. Janet does most of the scheduling. Bay Air has been flying the region you spoke of for 20+ years with a Beaver on floats. They can be reached at 907 842-2570.

    You can send your camping and hunting gear out to them ahead of your arrival. They will keep your gear in a waterproof shelter, along with my gear and everyone elses stuff. Their neighbor, Steve, works as their expediter and will run you around Dillingham to get those last minute things like Coleman fuel or the frozen meat that you forgot back home.

    Steve also has a bed & breakfast room where you can say the night. It's super clean, the rate is reasonable, and it is located next-door to Tom and Janets home.

    Bay Air also has a large utility garage area where you can sort gear out of the rain both before and after the hunt. You can also use this area to de-bone meat and pack it for the shipment home. Bay Air also has some gear and very high quality rafting equipment for rent, again at reasonably low rates.

    At the end of your trip Steve (or Janet or Tom) will drive you around town to ship your trophies and meat and gear home on Northern Air Cargo, and get you to the airport for your commercial air departure from Dillingham.

    The only thing you need to really plan the actual moose hunting...and they can advise you on that also.

    Great people...a great air transport service!

    Yes, I have used them for many years as my guide service air transporter. And they have earned my support for many more years.

    Alaska True Adventure Guide Service

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    Default Call

    Johnny Evans is the Park Ranger 'round there. Here is the info I have from when I contacted him a couple years ago.
    Wood Tikchik State Park

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    I would recomend Rick Grant with Tikchick Air Taxi or try Fresh Water Adventures. I don't have their numbers but if you google them you can find them. Or you could look into Bay Air Taxi. One of those should be able to put you on a moose. Good luck.

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    Default I too

    Have flown with Rick Grant and would recommend him as well.

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    Default Moose population stats and such

    Quote Originally Posted by John Keppel View Post
    ...Can someone tell me if the area supports a healthy population of Moose...

    Without a doubt the best folks to answer this question are the ones who gather and study the data. Call the area biologist with ADFG. I would make that call this winter, preferably January - February.

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    Default Check the regs

    Another good thing to check early in the planning process is the regs. Not sure if you are res or non-res but that area of the state does have some restrictions regarding areas where non-residents can hunt moose. I also think that there is an orientation course required for non-res moose hunters if not being guided. I didn't need to take it, but I think they just make you watch a video. See page 77 through 79 of this years hunting regs for all the details.

    I've flown with Rick Grant alot and a fair bit with Bay Air and both are great outfits to fly with.

    It is a really beautiful area with lots of game, but the folks at Fish and Game can probably provide better info than me. That is one of my favorite regions of the state. Lots of cool history there too.

    Hope that helps get you started. The research is half the fun!

    Oh yeah, if you go....bring a fishing wouldn't want to miss out on all the fishing over there too!
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    Default Reply from John Keppel

    Thanks to all for the great info supplied by all, greatly appreciated for the great imput and time donated to help me out. Good luck to all and will follow up on the leads..

    John Keppel
    Pittsburgh, Pa.


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