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Thread: questions from a newbie..

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    Default questions from a newbie..

    I've been mulling it over for some time and would like to start reloading.
    The BIG question is where to start > as far as equipment. I will be reloading for 45-70,300 win mag,270, and 44.

    Primary use is hunting not bench shooting.

    I have browsed and followed the board re: the best gear etc. my question is what do I need as a "starter" setup I'd like to start with the 45-70 and go from there..

    If any of you old timers have some equipment that you dont use anymore and would be willing to sell send me a pm

    I live in Fairbanks

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    For equipment you can take one of four different plunges the frist being the least expensive:

    1. Buy a lee loader for a specific caliber. This, a can of powder, bullets, and primer will get you started. But it is a slow rather crude process.

    2. Buy a lee aniversary kit. Has almost everything to get you going for under $100 last time I checked.

    3. Buy a RCBS, Lyman, Redding, Hornady single-stage kit. Now your in the $200-300 range, but getting into some good quality gear that will last you a lifetime.

    4. Buy a progressive/turret/digital kit. I have no experience with these, but have watched friends use them and thay are fast, but that speed comes with $$$

    I would opt for option 2 or 3. Both will produce good quality hunting loads with some time invested. I have heard from some folks that the lee gear is just as good as the others for less $$$, some disagree. The lee stuff I have seems to work good, but most of my stuff is RCBS. It has produced quite a few loads over the years and have absolutely zero complaints.

    Besides equipment, get a manual and read it over until you are quasi familiar with the process. Might make your equipment decisions easier. Good luck, on a wonderful hobby.

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    Good points on the last post. Another way to go, is to by yourself a couple of reloading manuals. I have nearly all of them, but started out with the Hornady and really any one of them will give you detailed instructions on reloading and on the equipment required. Once you have that knowledge, then you can start trolling the gun shows and internet for used reloading equipment. I cant tell you how many nice presses I have passed over for less than $30 at gun shows. But hey, how many can one man use!
    Regarding the 45/70 you should really decide what kind of bullet you plan to use before you buy dies. If you are going to shoot jacketed bullets then pretty much any old set of dies will work great, but if you going to shoot flat nose cast bullets there are several out there that have bullet seater plugs specifically shaped for those bullets that will work a bit better and eliminate that unsightly ring on your shiny lead bullet.
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