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Thread: Units 14 & 15 Season Graph

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    Post Units 14 & 15 Season Graph

    I thought I'd make a chart for the predator hunting & trapping seasons in the areas where I plan to hunt most this season, units 14 and 15. After all the time I put into it, I thought it would be a shame to keep it all to myself. I've taken the MS Excel file and made it into a .jpg image, it's available HERE or by clicking on the image below. It includes seasons for wolf, wolverine, coyote, fox and lynx - none of the other furbearers are included. If you prefer the Excel version, feel free to shoot me a PM and I'll try to e-mail you a copy.

    Disclaimer: I tried to check and re-check the information while creating the chart, and checked it once it was done but should you see anything I've got wrong please let me know. Please double check my work before applying it to your hunting/trapping situation - I certainly don't want anyone getting themselves into hot water because of me, nor do I want to be held accountable for your hot water. It's still the responsibility of the hunter / trapper to know the seasons and regulations.

    That said - hope you find it useful! Hope we all have the best season ever!

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    Awesome graph. Thanks for sharing.

    You get an ODD point for your effort.

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