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Thread: need trailer help

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    Default need trailer help

    How can I make my trailer bigger?... I rushed to get a trailer only to figure out it was a two placed tilt snowmachine trailer. This trailer is to small to hold my UTV and when on it the back of the trailer will drag the ground if I put the utv on.?

    should I just sell it for 500 (what I bought it for) or can I salvage it to make it larger?

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    Part of your decision will depend on the axle rating of the trailer. If it is a lightweight axle (1000-1500#), I'd sell it and buy a larger trailer with an axle rated over 2k#.

    Making a trailer longer sounds easy in theory, but there is a technical aspect to consider. If you make the bed longer, you should reposition the axle so the tongue weight is correct (typically 10% of the empty trailer weight). Last thing you want is a trailer that walks around on you!

    If you only have $500 into it, I'd think about finding a longer one. You shouldn't have any trouble selling that one.

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    I found a trailer on craiglist that can fit 3 quads. your utv should fit.


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