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Thread: Need instructions on making stove...

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    Default Need instructions on making stove...

    For hunting tent. Got a double walled canvas tent and want to make a cheap stove out of a metal drum, any good ideas out there?

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    Default Not as cheap but...

    I used this stove and it was awesome:

    Don't know about this website but the stove is the same exact stove. Burns any fuel you can throw at it, including plain old wood if you want.

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    Default Drum kits

    there are a few different types of drum kits that work well with steel drums,they useally come with a door,legs and collar for stove stack.i have built a couple and found best to put door on the bottom end of drum and as close to the rim as one can.make sure to have a damper in the stove stack for a drum stove is hard to control burning rate.

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    Best book on homemade stoves I've found is this one by Ole Wik:

    If you can find or pick up a copy, well worth it. I built a wall tent stove based on one Ole mentioned in that book, out of the older type of six-gallon outboard fuel cans. Turned upside down, it has a huge flat surface on top for cooking, even with a four-inch stovepipe hole cut in the rear. I don't use any legs on it but carry a sheet of tin to set it on. It has the advantage of being real small in the sled but with enough size to heat an 8x10 wall tent just fine, and holds a fire for a few hours.

    The drum kits work well too. Probably the best stoves now for what you want to do are the titanium stoves made by Four Dog stoves. They are super-light and put out tremendous heat, but are spendy.

    Good luck,

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    Those titanium stoves are quite pricey.....found a yukon stove for 100$ shipped with every thing. I dont know, Im going to pick up that book and see what i can do. I have a friend that is a machinest and welder and he owes me some work so we will see. Thanks alot for all the info.

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    i built one like this except I used a 20 gallon steel drum because of room issues works awsome. was easy and if you have welder access even easier.. Good luck

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    Default Montana stove

    I copied a tent stove that my outfitter had built for him - 18x18x30" - four legs that detach and store in the stove along with the stove pipe sections - we heat a 16 x32 tentjust fine - we all sit around in tee shirts and levis when it is 20 outside. and the wood needs to be 2' or with the 30" deep stove. used 10 ga. and made everthing - door,draft control, stove pipe conector - has nice flat top for cooking & hung a water tank on the side so we have all the hot water we need.


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    damgoodshot. Do you have any pictures of the stove?

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    There was a guy on craigslist a year or so back that sold these stove made from old hot water heater tanks. I like the design, so I saved a picture of it.
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    The yukon stove is not a good wood burner. Without a damper in the pipe it burns hot, then out. You can still find cleaning fluid like zep/big orange in the 30 gallon size. Out of 5 different stoves, I have yet to find the perfect one. The 30 gallon barrel, with cast iron stove kit is the best for heat control, (yukon is only comercial I have tried) hard to cook on. Used a rock to flatten out a place for the coffee pot
    My next project is to cut down a 30 gallon barrel to aprox. 2 feet deep, and weld a flat top on the front leaving the pipe section rounded. It should incorperate the best of other stoves and keep the size/weight down a bit.
    The worst stove I have used was a 5 gallon can. The door was so small kindling was about all it could burn. Dont forget to fill the bottom of stove with sand. No rocks(they explode) it protects the stove from burn warp, and retain heat longer.

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    Default I've welded up...

    a few small to medium stoves that have worked nicely using old propane tanks. They come in many sizes and the wall thickness is thicker than drums. I used an old water heater tank too, though it is'nt as thick of metal and the ceramic coating on the inside did'nt help welding it.

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    A while back I read an article about a stove a guy made out of a 55 gal drum. Don't have the article, but it was dead simple.

    1) get a 55 gal drum with a removable/lockable top
    2) cut drum off at the second 'ridge'-those protrusions around the barrel. cut just above this so the cover & locking ring have something to grab on to.
    3) cut holes for vent & door. use cut off part of drum for material to make door and vent closure.
    4) cut hole in lid for stove pipe, cut the hole smaller than your stove pipe so you can bend tabs up to hold or fasten the stove pipe to
    5) make a wire rack so the fire dosen't burn on the bottom of the barrel

    The guy who made this was able to put the stove pipe, rack, fire bricks(to put the stove on) and some wood inside the stove and transport it that way.

    Dead simple, with no special kits.


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