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Thread: Bob Maki bindings

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    Default Bob Maki bindings

    Has anyone tried these? I'm looking for something that slips on and off a little easier.

    Also, does anyone on here do any snowshoeing with the Jeff King Cabela's Boots? If so, what kind of bindings are you using?

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    Those Yoopers know a thing or two about snowshoes. Maki's bindings are simple and easy to get on and take off, but they do get a little stiff when it's really cold. They are by far the most common binding that you'll find in use in that region. I grew up on Iverson snowshoes with Maki bindings...both lasted for years! As a poor lad growing up, we would also make similar bindings out of big innertubes.

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    Ya, I grew up in da Yoop and everyone uses doze tings, eh. You can trust a Finlander to come up with something that works. They are great but they would get pretty stiff in really cold temps.

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    Will they fit over those big boots?

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    Smile Bob Maki bindings

    I have used a set of these for several years and I am very happy with them. I have them on a pair of military magnesium shoes. They of course, like anything else in below zero weather, are not as pliable. This just requires a little more effort to stretch them over a big winter boot but it is not to bad. I would have to say that they would probably fit over just about any boot out there. They are also quick to put on and take off if (like I stated above)the temperature is not extremely cold (well below zero).


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