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Thread: Tok second-degree kindred permits

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    Default Tok second-degree kindred permits

    I just got off the phone with the Tok biologist and he informed me that the number of kindred Tok Sheep permits have been limited to a maximum of two for this year. It seems the guides lobbied for this change to allow for more guided hunters. They now will have up to 8 permits. He also informed me that the number of non-resident applications have skyrocketed to 400-600 in the last couple of years. If you party apply with a nonresident second -degree of kindred for Tok, your odds will be reduced!

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    Thanks for that info, I was just about to put my Bro in law and myself in for that hunt, but you're saying that there are only 2 of those permits available right? What about for the Delta units?

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    I don't know of any non-resident restrictions for Delta but maybe someone from this Forum knows better.

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    That's pretty crappy! I already put myself and brother in, who moved out of's hard enough as it is & now my odds drop because of a change not stated in the hunt supplement. Hopefully, people get a chance to change if they desire...

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    Not to hijack the thread but the whole next of kin limit is pretty crappy. There should only be non-res and res tags and thats it.

    I could see where guides have this law in their best interest. I don not blame the guides for ensuring job security. I would do the same if I were a guide.

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    Default Craziness

    I agree, the 2nd degree kindred is ridiculous. There should be resident and non-resident tags period. For that matter the whole issue with requiring a guide to hunt certain species is ridiculous. I really don't understand the requirement and I have heard all of the arguments for it. None of them hold any weight. With every argument for the non-Res guide requirement there is an equal number of valid arguments showing that it is an ignorant requirement.

    The state of AK should, if the intent is to limit the overall Non-res hunting opportunities, make all non-residents draw for all of their tags. Then cap the number of non-res tags in accordance with acceptable quotas for each area/species. And then do away with the guide requirement period....that is just plain ridiculous. I don't see the validity nor the value added with this requirement, but then on the other hand I do see the motivation to add value$$$ for those that would benefit from the guide requirement.

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    Default Same as Kodiak Bears!

    This same thing happens with brown bear permits on Kodiak. I quit applying with my non-resident brother because we were kicked out of the drawing as soon as the number of 2nd degree of kindred tags was reached in unit 8. Once I realized this I have drawn 2 tags in 3 years. My brother ended up getting his bear on the Alaska penninsula where he didn't have to draw a tag.

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    I do believe that this all has to do with an attempt to lower the number of non-residents eligible to hunt some of the trophy draw areas, which IMO is a good thing. However they have to do all of this in baby steps, they cant just restrict all non-residents across the board from trophy hunts in one season. if you are the kind of fella that does a lot of draw hunts with family members that lives in the lower 48, it sucks, but the big picture at least appears to be brighter to me.


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