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Thread: Really stupid bucket boat question

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    Default Really stupid bucket boat question

    OK, I know next to nothing about rafts & have a question.
    When a bucket boat is in the water, will the floor support you? Is it proper to stand on(the floor). If you were using one for fishing & trying to net/fight a king how do you move around? Do some folks suspend "floor boards" like cargo nets with boards in them?
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    Default Yes you can Stand

    You can stand all you want to on the floor just not a great idea when covering rockey water. It is a Mute Point if you frame the boat out with a fishing frame. There are many local manufcatures of suspended floors.

    The issue of running about with a frame is not going to happen becuase of the design some people call them bays. The Great thing about frames is your are only limited by your thoughts. The following link has some good pictures again only one of many options. We do some fun things in Fairbanks and of course Alaska Raft and Kayak is always willing to make what every you can think of.

    Check out the following link.
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    custom frames tend to be spendy.


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