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Thread: Simple draw odds question

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    Default Simple draw odds question

    On the last page of the supplement is the applicants listed only first choice applicants - or all 3 choices added together?

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    Also one simple application question, I put in for one sheep hunt already, can I go back in and add 2 more sheep hunt apps?

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    The odds listed on the last page are for all people who applied for that tag, regardless of choice #. As for going back to put in for two more, I'm 99% certain that you can, but it wouldn't hurt to give F&G a quick call to make sure. Just don't put in for the sheep hunts that I'm applying for.

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    Default draw stuff

    ...back all three, all application choices submitted, 1st, 2nd, or 3rd totaled to come up with the drawing percentages.

    You can add additional choices. Just do not total more than three choices per species. 3 individual choices, or 3 party application choices, or any combination of application choices, either submitted on paper or on the you know-not to exceed three.


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    Thanks guys, I thought what you said was right but figured I had better check!


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