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Thread: AKU Boots??

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    Default AKU Boots??

    Just looking if anyone has experience with AKU boots. Sierra Trading post has some smoking deals on these boots and looking to get a pair possibly for my dad for Christmas as he may want to go Caribou or Sheep hunting this next year, probably one really go on one backpacking trip a year.

    I realize these aren't exactly top of the line, but like I mentioned before he only goes on one backpack hunt a year. Plus all he is wearing right is is National Park Service issued Hi-Tecs that offer little support and are not waterproof so I figured these would probably be a vast improvement at a great price.

    Currently looking at these. I can get them for $97 seems like a pretty sweet deal on a normally $225 boot.

    He wears a size 5 men's. Yes that is a 5 so there is a limited number of boot manufactures that make men's boots that small. Usually start at size 7 so these might be a good option. He is only 5' tall so he doesn't tip over with those small of feet.
    Thanks for any input.

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    i have read good things about them. take a look at i think they talked about them?

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    Smile AKU Boots

    Very good boots. I don't have a pair myself but I know several guys who do and swear by them. I have looked them over pretty good at AMH and they are built as good if not better than any other European boot.


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