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Thread: 302 Redline Engine Experiences?

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    Default 302 Redline Engine Experiences?

    I am considering buying a boat that has a 302 Redline marine engine with a 10" American Turbine pump. I don't know much about this setup, and I am hoping that somebody has some experience with this motor and can offer advice. The motor is a 1991 model year. Are these good motors? Reliable? Easy to work on or have worked on? Any and all input is appreciated!


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    Default 351/Berkley

    I don't have experience with the 302. But my boat has a 351 Redline with a Berkley pump. I believe the 302 and 351 share the same block. The AT and Berkley pumps are nearly identical the AT has had a few updates to the bowl to make it a bit better.

    Anyway its been a great engine and pump. I would replace the pumps standard aluminum impeller with a stainless.

    My engine has 500 hours on it all have been problem free.


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