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Thread: DS102/DS103 Sheep

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    Exclamation DS102/DS103 Sheep

    Just a warning on applying for these hunts. I called the F&G office in Fairbanks yesterday, and they told me that I could apply for the DS103, even though I had drew DS102 the year before. I asked several times to make sure and this Niel fellow guranteed me that's the way it was.

    So I receive a call this morning from the Tok Field office, whom I left a message with yesterday morning, and they are telling me that you can apply for the new hunt area, but you can't actually kill a sheep until the four years is up. I asked them why the heck would I apply for an area that I couldn't go hunting in.

    Anyhow, the whole thing is a mess, and apparently they had a meeting this morning just about that issue, and decided that's the way it is.

    So, just beware of that in the winter draw. You can apply, you just can't hunt that DS103 if you drew DS102 in the last 4 years.
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    The 4 year rule to taking a sheep applies to the Management area, where as the application/season designation is the Hunt area.

    For instance you draw DS102 last year and don't harvest a sheep. You are eligible to apply for DS103 but not DS102 due to the 2 year moratorium against previous year winners.

    Say you draw DS103 this next application period and are successful. Now you cannot apply for DS102 or DS103 for 4 years due to harvesting a sheep in that Management area.

    This allows for increasing the odds for other applicants in that management area.

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    seems pretty straightforward to me


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