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Thread: DM798-Hunted today

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    Default DM798-Hunted today

    Was out ther today with my buddy that drew the tag. Snwing steady but night major. Arrived later than anticipated about 10am. Throughout the course of the day we walked about 4 miles, saw 14 moose and he took a shot at one about 2pm and misssed... good ole buck fever :-)

    Is there ayone that could perhaps provide a PM to an area or road(s) that may have some better access/viewing/possiblities. We seemed rather limited by thick brush. All in all though, it was a great day to be outside.

    I just wish the tag was mine

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    I got back a week ago and we didn't see any in the open. The one we got presented a good shot but it was still in very thick brush. I think the dumb ones are the dead ones at this point. Seeing 14 moose in 4 miles aint bad! If you keep walking you will connect. Sorry to report but i think you will find all the live moose are in the thick stuff! Are you rifle or bow hunting?

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    You want better than 14 moose in 4 miles ?!?!

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    When I was up there Oct. 10th I saw 3 moose in 12 hours of constant hunting, hiking, and driving. 1 was in someone else's crosshairs when we saw it, one was a bull, and the last one is sitting in my freezer.


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