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Thread: Glock 20 sight replacement

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    Default Glock 20 sight replacement

    Just picked up a new 10mm with fixed sights for packing outdoors. After a round at the range I am pretty sure I want to put some adjustable sights on the pistol to adjust the point of impact instead of aiming off. Any recommendations on a good set of adjustable sights for the Glock 20. I am leaning towards a night capability in the sights. I have seen several models out there, but just looking for some inputs on what works.

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    meprolight offers an adjustible nightsight that is called a tru dot. this is adjustible for elevation and windage, with a 12 yr warranty. most of the lawenforcement officers i know use the meprolight or trijicon.

    retail for this set is around $100.00, and can be installed by you. no expensive gunsmithing is required.

    happy trails.

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    Default Glock 20 sights

    Try XS Sights. They have sights that work as night sights. Even have a downloadable video of how to put their sights on a Glock ... a 19, I think.


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