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Thread: the water level on the kenai and anchor

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    Default the water level on the kenai and anchor

    my buddy just came back for 18 from iraq and is dying to get back on the water. he called me and asked if i was ready to do the gulkana, and i told him he was out of his mind... so i figured id take him to the upper if its still floatable? or maybe even head down to the anchor for steelies. if anybody can give me some info on the water levels and maybe whats been having success? either way.... ill figure it out, take it easy and tight lines!

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    Here's a couple of links for ya. I have heard there is an ice dam on the Anchor that could be messing with the levels there though.

    Anchor Water Levels

    Upper Kenai Water Levels

    Sportsmans Web Cam

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    Anchor is icing up real bad. Some holes are completely covered and some have ice shelves. Ice slush floating down the whole time we fished which added a bit more of a challenge at getting a good drift. Ice shelf right above the water gauge which is making the reading say that the water is a lot higher than it actually is. Water is as low as it has been since May. Have not been for a couple of days (Thursday - Friday last time out) though and it has been cold the last few nights which means that it will not have gotten any better.
    Did the mid Kenai the last few days. Fishing for bows was "okay" with fish spread out the whole way but the water is real low. Good news is there is no ice to contend with except for at the boat launches and on your rod tips.
    We came down from Skilak to Bings in a prop powerboat and once below the Upper Killey you are committed to going all the way to Bings. I would think from looking at it that running up from Bings would be a prop banging experience.
    Heard that the Upper Kenai is producing some trout as well so it really just depends on which area you would want to fish. Both areas the water is like you would expect for this time of year. Saw several boats coming down from the launch at Skilak and it looked like they were fishing the braids area or duck hunting and then running back up instead of going down much farther.
    Beads & flesh both worked with one working better in one area and then the other working better at the next spot so...

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    Brrr buddy. Better layer up those clothes big time. Hope you get some fish though
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