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Thread: Jet for 90 hp Honda

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    Default Jet for 90 hp Honda

    I have a jet unit I took off of the outboard that came with my boat. It has little hours on it (still has the sharpie price $120 on the impeller). I'd guess less than 100 hours. It's off of a 2000 90hp Hona 4 stroke (65hp with jet). i'm thinking of selling it. Any idea what it'd be worth?

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    Call a Honda dealer and find out what they cost new. I think a good used unit is probably worth half the retail price.
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    Default Same as Jet for Merc?

    Do you know if that's the same jet that goes on a Merc 2-stroke? And would you be interested in selling the impeller seperately? Stainless impeller?

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    Default Big O

    I'm not sure if it would fit on a Merc. It's an aluminum impeller.


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