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Thread: need advice on deer hunting

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    Default need advice on deer hunting

    I live in Tagish Yukon (about 65 miles north of Skagway) and for years have wanted to hunt blacktailed deer in Southeast AK. I have a few questions, first off I guide over here so couldnt go until Nov. is this a good time, also have looked into the forest service cabins a little, would i be better off just tenting. Where are the deer in Nov. up high or lower, are there any areas near Skagway or Juneau that are good for deer. I am a US citizen so am sure I can hunt without a guide, if I brought a friend (canadian could he) Thanks in advance

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    Default Hunt in SE

    I dont know a lot about the SE but typically the deer come down low when the snow pushes them down. Nov. should be good. You can hunt without a guide($150 per tag) but your friend can not. A non-resident alien must have a guide on any big game hunt in Ak.


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    In november the amount of snow really makes a difference, if there is lots of snow they will be down low. There are a few islands between skagway and juneau with good numbers of deer. There is sullavin island, which is about halfway between juneau and skakway, then there is shelter and lincoln islands, which get a little more pressure but still great hunting. From juneau there is Admiralty, Baranof, and Chichigof island which have very large numbers of deer, but also large numbers of bears. Admiralty actually has the largest brown bear-per-square-mile ratio in the world.

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    Default Deer Hunting

    A cabin sure makes the hunt more comfortable. I have been in a wall tent on Montague Island and it sounded like somebody was dumping buckets of water on the tent, it was raining sideways. Keeping your gear dry and trying to keep firewood dry becomes a real chore in a tent. There were a couple of guys hunting two miles up the beach and brought a cheap tent with them. They spent the last couple of nights with us in the wall tent and looked like drowned rats when they showed up. So I wouldn't go with anything less than a good wall tent covered with a tarp or a cabin. The deer on Montague tend to be in the rut the weekend before Thanksgiving and has always been a really good time to go. Good Luck hope you decide to go and have a good time.


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