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Thread: Rem XCR 300 win mag

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    Just recieved my new 300 mag (with Leupold 3X9) and man am I'm happy!
    I was a little apprehensive when I lifted the unit and felt how light it was.
    I'm 6' 240 but still hate a sharp kick so I was already looking at mag-na-port as a reality even before test firing. I was frankly amazed at how little the rifle kicked. I have a mdl. 7 7mm-08 that kicks noticabley sharper. I was however, very disappointed in the trigger. After taking the XPro tag off the guard that tells of it being the best out of the box trigger I pulled it and what a joke.
    Creep at about 5 lbs. and brake at 6lbs. Worst trigger of all my rifles (out of the box). At $1,000 the rifle shouldn't need gunsmithing for a clean 3lb trigger. I just bought a Tika T3 (243) and at less than half the money it has a very sweet (O of B) trigger. O'well the xcr mag-na-port $ will now go into the trigger.

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    Try a limbsaver recoil pad. I'm 6'4 as well and it added about an inch to my LOP. took out alot of recoil on my .338
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    light?? Thats still a 7.5 pound rifle is it not? Before scope and full mag...

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    I would have to agree that the X_marks suck, but the rifle itself should stand all the weather up here. Word of advice, install a Timney, Rifle Basix, or Jewell then bed the action and float the barrel channel.


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