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Thread: Success on the Haul Road

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    Default Success on the Haul Road

    Well, we did it! I shot a nice a bull a mile out off the road. I only have photos of the antlers since we didnt take a camera with us. It was already a long stalk so we werent thinking of pictures, just getting to work. The other guy got his caribou about 50 yards off of the road. This was after he had 5 unsuccesful stalks ranging from a half mile to 2 miles out. We were setting up camp for the end of the day when he happened to walk literally right by our campsite. This was his 1st caribou ever my 6th. We also shot plenty of ptarmigan and cooked them up the same night. Missed 2 foxes, only saw one bear (with cubs), one wolf (not in bow range), and plenty of muskox. We were about 30 miles south of Deadhorse. Good times! We also hiked out 5 miles for my other buddy who doesnt bow hunt. That one didnt go as well. The best shot at caribou were 4.5 miles off the road and didnt come any closer. What a tease! But hey, thats why its called hunting and not killing. But it was fun, good scenery, good weather and good times!
    The pictures were taken with a camcorder, my camera deleted all other pictures when the battery went dead.
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    Default Nice

    Congrats... Looks like he had pretty good tops. It's nice when they walk by your camp.

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    Talking Congradulations

    Congradulations. Any archery harvest is a trophy!

    Glad you had a great time.

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    Wow, those are both fantastic caribou! I never cease to be impressed with the quality of the bulls in that area. Glad to hear that you had a great hunt and that you were willing to work for success. I'm still convinced that the Haul Road can offer a great experience for those willing to walk a little. Congrats!


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    Default Congrats and Kudos

    Here's testimony to a truly ethical hunter. I was up on the Haul Road and unknowingly ran into PSE. He shot his bull early in his trip, and due to the extremely warm weather, was appropriately concerned about meat spoilage. He flagged us down, transferred his caribou meat to us, and we got it back to Anchorage in great shape. A real heads-up maneuver! Our thanks again, and congrats on your bulls!


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    The weather up there real warm?
    I"m headin' out this weekend and hope to connect with a bou'



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    Default great looking bulls

    We were also successful in our hunt. We connected with 2 bulls on the 6th of Sept. It was 65 degrees the day we got them. Cooled them down in the creek and bee-lined it to Anchor town. The guy at Indian Valley said the meat was in great condition. Brother and I were very relieved!! Congrats on your successful hunt!! EricL

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    Default Thanks Mort!

    Thanks for the good word Mort, I am glad you guys were able to take it and put it to good use. We definitely put the other caribou to good use. I hope you guys were able to have more success after we met up with you guys. Happy hunting and shoot true.

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    Thanks Mort. That Bou was a heck of alot eaiser then the one stalk you witness....LOL


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