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    Here is a .475" 435gr. bullet I will be using in my 480 Ruger SRH. I don't have the set-up anymore to cast my own bullets, so I ordered a 3 cavity mould from NEI, whose moulds I have used in the past myself with great results. I sent the mould to Ranger Rick who cast me up some really nice bullets that I think will be very effective at 1100 to 1200 fps. At those velocities, I opted for a plain base bullet and agreed with Rick that a Lyman #2 alloy would work very well. Hoping to do a spring black bear hunt this year with it.
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    I'll have to check my load data, I know way back when the 480 first came out somebody loaned me an NEI mold that cast that 435 gr swc, and a 320 gr LFN style bullet. Both were very accurate in the 480.

    A 400-440 gr bullet @ 1100-1200 fps will punch through most any game animal, and equally important the gun is easy to shoot at that level, fells like a big 44 mag.


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