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Thread: Any fishing opportunities in the upper Cook Inlet?

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    Default Any fishing opportunities in the upper Cook Inlet?

    I have read a lot of info regarding fishing for salmon, halibut, other bottom fish, crab etc. in the Cook Inlet from Homer up to Kenai but I have never heard anyone discussing any type of fishing in the upper Cook Inlet from Kenai to Anchorage? Are there any opportunities in this area using a personal boat (not charter)?

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    Default Upper Cook Inlet

    I have caught halibut out of the mouth of the Kenai River early in the year just after the ice goes out. I heard a story about alfred wik catching a hog off of the dock at Columbia Ward back in the 70's. I also know a fellow who use to work on the tenders for the platforms and he has caught halibut early in the year as far north as Arness Dock. I think those big fish are looking for an easy meal when the ice goes out. Late in the season it get's harder to fish that far up the inlet. I think it has something to do with the water clarity as the Glaciers start to melt. I know that is why you can't troll for salmon in the upper inlet, absolutely no visibility. I hope this helps.

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    weserve, Thanks for the information.

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    Two other places for fishing information are Alaska Outdoor Journal and


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