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Thread: Kenai Peninsula Black Bears

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    Default Kenai Peninsula Black Bears

    Has anybody been seeing black bears up on the mountain sides a lot this fall yet? Just got back from a weekend of glassing and didn't see squat.

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    Where have you been glassing at? I know there has been some decent numbers being taken off the kenai. most were not off the road system though. A real nice one was taken out of hope about a month ago.

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    Default kenai bears

    A suggestion is to hike some hillsides first. If the hillsides have tons of berries and bear scatt, of course there will be bears. If you just glass you may be looking at hillsides with no berries and hence no bears. I almost rearended a car braking for a blackie at Jean lake last weekend. If you find berry hillsides there should be lots of bears. Too bad you cant help us thin out all these brownies...

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    Talking Brownies?

    What brownies? Don't you know the biologists say there just aren't very many on the peninsula :-)


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