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Thread: 7mm Rem Mag - 160 Grain Failsafe

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    Arrow 7mm Rem Mag - 160 Grain Failsafe

    I just purchased a lifetime supply of Winchester's 7mm, 160 Failsafe bullets for reloading. They are the Lubalox coated bullets. I plan to utilize them for elk, bear, mulies and maybe someday a moose.

    Anyone have any reloading recipes for the 160 Failsafe? I'll be using a Remington, Model 700 BDL, 24" bbl. and a Ruger, Model 77, 24" bbl.

    I would also like to hear of any experiences with the 160 Failsafe in a 7mm Remington Magnum. Keeping in mind these projectiles are intended for larger game, has anyone tried them on whitetail deer?

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    Well just find the charge that shoots most accuratly and keep em on hand at all times.

    I don't shoot that caliber but I have killed a few critter with fail safe bullets. They work just fine.

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    For the 7mm's I have reloaded for to date, the Failsafes have not produced satisfactory accuracy. If your rifle shoots them well you should have no worries. They have a reputation for resulting in excellent penetration rivaling the Barnes.


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