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Thread: Magazine Preferrence

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    Question Magazine Preferrence

    I've read some negative comments about detachable magazines...What's the scoop?

    I rarely take (or have the chance to take) more than one shot at big game animals, so not sure why I'd ever need an extra 3 immediately so I am not partial to either model at the moment.

    What's the reasoning behind the preferred floorplate model?

    What's your preferrence?


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    I prefer a hinged floorplate. easier to unload. as for a 2nd shot, some critters up here is good to keep shooting until you physically see it go down. I'm a relatively young guy (mid 30's) and going in after a wounded bear can make you feel old real quick.

    As for drop magazines, theres nothing wrong with them. I used to have a rem 7600 in 35whelen and I never had a problem with it.


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