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Thread: Any know where I can find a..

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    Default Any know where I can find a..

    Cheap shot gun just for the next 2-3 weeks. Im leaving soon and cant take one where Im goin. I just wanna go shoot some ducks. Before I leave Alaska for a year or so.

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    Default shotgun


    I have on we might be able to work something out on. What are you looking to do, buy or what? I'm not interested in selling but let me know your thoughts and we will go from there.


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    Default Try this guy

    Try calling this guy: Scott at 242-0968.
    He buys and sells as a hobby and probably has something that'll work for you. You may even try to see if he'll sell you one with an agreement to buy it back later (as long as he makes a couple bucks and you don't abuse it). He's a good guy and remember that everything is negotiable.


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