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Thread: XS Sights ... Big Dot/Express sights?

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    Question XS Sights ... Big Dot/Express sights?

    Anyone here have experience with the XS Sights Express System of a shallow V rear and the Dot or Big Dot front sights? Thinking of installing a set on my M329PD. Experiences, opinions?

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    I got the XS sights for my Marlin Guide Gun. Great product. Excellent customer service too. Their website has some good images of the sights.
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    Smile I have them....

    On my Glock 36 I have the standard dot on front and wide V on the back, both have the tritium inserts. I have shot the same set up on a 1911 Govt. Mod. Although I like the idea I have not put in enough trigger time to know if they are going to cause accuracy problems for me compared to the Novak sights I am used to. I believe they will take some time to get used to. I think they would be really good for a combat shotgun, home defense, car jackings and card cheats!


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