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    Default Tundra 300

    Just wondering if anyone is using the Tundra 300's and if so what are your thought on it as a touring/trapping sled? Any idea what kind of milage they get how well they tow a sled etc.

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    Default tundra

    Hey I am glad you started up this thread as I am waiting for mine to be built as the machine is still in the crate. The machines dry weight is about 380 pounds and am told it is geared quite low for towing. The ski stance is a little narrower than the 550 backcountry sled so it should be quite manuverable but I don't have any first hand experience. However, I can't wait to try it out. It has standard; reverse and electric start and the flapper tow hitch which I wll eventually trade up to the j-hook.

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    Default Tundra 300

    Bought one last year. Light. Very easy to get unstuck. Okay power for track length. The deeper lug 136"x16" track and the rear suspension is a huge improvement over the old Tundra. Went with a buddy for many days last winter who has ridden Tundra's for years and when he rode it he wouldn't give it back. He felt it was a 100% improvement and he loves his older Tundra II.
    Pulled a sled well but lacks power for pulling in deep stuff. No diff. than the old tundra there.
    Way more comfortable than the old Tundra. I think for trapping other than a big Scandic it's the way to go. Only draw back I can see is the low power for really deep/wet snow but still does okay there.
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    Default Lower Gearing For Skandic Tundra 300s


    For the 2006,7, 8, and 9 300F Tundra you can get more pulling power by lowering the gearing in the chain case. Stock gearing is 15/45. Hi Performance Engineering sells a 48T bottom sprocket for $59.95 and a Silent 74 pitch 13 wide chain for $50.95 to accommodate the larger sprocket.

    If that is not enough, you can swap the 9T drive sprockets on the track for 8T.



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