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Thread: CVTech Clutch Kit Available for 06 Tundra

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    Smile CVTech Clutch Kit Available for 06 Tundra


    Those of you who own the first year of the new Tundra 06 know that it had a couple of problems; only a 15x136" track vs the 07's 16 x 136" track and the pre-06's 15x139.5" track, and very poor drive belt wear.

    The track problem is easily solved since the 16" wide track will also fit on the 06 Tundra and several different lengths are available. I personally think that the 16x144 is ideal not requiring a hull modification.

    BRP solved the belt problem starting with the 07 Tundra. However, there is now a solution for the 06 clutching / belt issue through the company whom makes both the drive and driven clutch for the 06, CVTech. The CVTech kit is available through Kimpex. It includes a superior belt as well as improved driven clutch spring.

    Another way to improve the pulling power/deep snow capability of any 300F Tundra 06 and beyond is to swap the bottom 45T sprocket for a 48T sprocket. Sprockets are available via Hi Performance engineering.

    Anyway -- thought I would share. I have the CVTech Kit and a bottom 49 sprocket (I'm recommending the 48 as I have tested that - haven't used the 49 in the field yet) on my 06 Tundra as well as a 16x144x2.3" track with 8T drive sprockets (instead of 9T). When I first got the 06 Tundra my 94 Tundra would easily out-perform it in deep powder. That is not the case now.

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    Welcome to the forum Dan. I have read many posts on dootalk and appreciate your sharing of knowledge.

    I am from the opposite corner of CO. Yuma CO.



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