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Thread: Ruger Hawkeye Alaskan Question

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    Default Ruger Hawkeye Alaskan Question

    As both of my current 375's are blued/wood (Pre production CRF Winchester Super Express from '93 and a CZ Safari) I was looking at the Rugers. The Talkeetna from Kimber is very nice but very spendy as well.

    Anyone have any success stories with the Ruger? Ammo availability? My reloading stuff will all be in storage while I'm in Dutch Harbor so I'll be at the mercy of OTC ammo.

    The Diamondblack version is a coated carbon steel if I'm not mistaken and the early ones were problematic with the coating staying on (what I read) so I would probably go with the plain old, ugly stainless (I know, I know, it's a tool).

    Also, recoil compared to an H&H?


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    I'm pretty sure both the the black and silver .375 Rugers are stainless, even though they are coated different colors. I had a silver one and it shot very well with OTC 270 grain ammo, which I only used for break-in and to get brass. I don't know about ammo availability in Dutch Harbor, so I would bring a few boxes along. I wish I hadn't sold mine because it was a sweet gun with a Leupold 2.5-8x36 on it.

    Recoil is on par with a .375 H&H. The Alaskan stock absorbs recoil very well, but some don't like it because it has a tacky feel and is heavy. You can pick up an old magnum boat paddle stock for cheap or McMillan has some replacements for the Hawkeye.
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    Default Great Gun

    I have the safari version and replaced the wood stock with the Hogue synthetic and love it. The stock is a little heavy, but the rifle is still lighter than most factory H&Hs. Mine shoots sub-minute groups at 100 yds with the OTC 270 grain ammo. I think my 30/06 has a harder kick than the 375, and I have decided that the 375ruger is now my everything rifle except for small critters.
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