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Thread: Looking for lab pups

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    Default Looking for lab pups

    I am looking for a chocolate lab female purebreed if you have any info that may help do tell. Also I don't know the names of all the kennels so really ANYTHING would help.

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    Default great pups

    Try this guy. His pups are fantastic and they continually out preform others. He may even have some started dogs and he specalizes in chocolates.

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    Smile Almost

    I believe these would be excelent dogs so I would be interested in buying one but if you read the giant bold lettering at the top of the website it clearly states North Carolina. This helps me none because I live in Ak. I see how you would believe that that may not matter but I am looking for the perfect dog I dont want him sending me a dog thats, well retarded. I want to do a series of tests to determine if its a winner. A friend of mine bought a dog online he asked for all kinds of things like calm, capable of being trained, good genes, Etc. he got a retarded dog without a brain were every once in a while two brain cells would collide and it would almost have a thought. Thank you for your help but I'm realy just looking localy.

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    Default Can understand

    I understand. Yes you run risks but there is no tests that you can run on pups to tell if your isn't going to cut the mustard.. Richard Reese ships dogs all over the country and he had never had a complaint, the key is to get a pup from a proven line and a reputable breeder/trainer. Even if you didn't go with him I would still look for the same thing. It's all about the breeding. Then of coarse, the training is the real key. I have seen him take dogs that other professional trainers have washed out and said that the dog was stupid and untrainable and had that same dog doing master level work.. Are you going to train the dog yourself or have someone do it? I have hunted with people that have dogs that will retreive a duck and everyone says that they are great and then hunted with a Master Hunter dog and there is no way that I would have a dog that isn't a Master Hunter! I wish you luck on finding your pup.

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    Default Labs

    Try Greatland Kennels, Wasilla. We had a great Lab from them a few years back but haven't talked to them since.


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    Default dogs can be screened

    Quote Originally Posted by tboehm View Post
    Are you going to train the dog yourself or have someone do it?
    I am going to train it myself. I have the ability to train dogs so why not? I also would rather not pay money to a guy and get a dog that I have no connection with. There will be no confusion when in the field about who's dominant because of the training I did before. I still am going to look in Alaska because there ARE tests that you can do. I forget what magazine either gun dog or delta waterfowl but it explains the reactions of dogs to different stimuli and these will tell you the dog that will be more willing to learn. I believe that yes the breeder you're talking about is quite amazing but not all dogs are going to be calm easy going pups with a desire to learn just because the breeder walks on water. I know that I will find a dog in Alaska that will be just as good as any dog in the lower 48's. I have been led to many great kennels with pedigree history's that run for miles so I am confident that I will eventually find my golden pup. And thanks to everyone for your help every litter I have heard of I have looked into. Don't quit telling me about kennels and litters you see it has been appreciated

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    Greatland Kennels is no longer in business. You might want to check with the in-state retriever clubs:

    Fairbanks RC -
    Interior AK Gun Dog Assoc. -
    Alaska Working RC -
    Retriever Club of Alaska -
    Midnight Sun Gun Dog Assoc. -

    There are some "tests" you can do on pups, but have to remember they change a lot. Also, don't forget about health clearances on both the sire & dam (OFA/PennHip, CERF, EIC, CNM, etc.).

    Good Luck!!
    Karen Wilson

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    Talking Its over

    I did it, I bought a 7 week old chocolate lab female. I checked it out for about an hour and decided that thats the one I wanted. Thanks everybody for your help.

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    Who did you buy it from?
    "It's the journey that's important, with experience and knowledge to be gained along the way, in the company of our faithful dogs and our good friends."
    Ralph Waldo Emerson

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    Default Here she is the amazing Belle Rose

    I got her from a family with a good hunting female and a stud from I forgot which kennel. Anyways here she is............... Maybee
    C:\Documents and Settings\Bill\Desktop\DSCN1273.JPG]
    I think you're looking at a link maybee not oh well.


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