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Thread: 7mm Rem. Mag. - 160 Fail Safe

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    Arrow 7mm Rem. Mag. - 160 Fail Safe

    I just purchased a lifetime supply of Winchester's 7mm, 160 Failsafe bullets for reloading. They are the older Lubalox coated bullets. I plan to utilize them for elk, bear, mulies and maybe someday a moose.

    Anyone have any reloading recipes for the 160 Failsafe? I'll be using a Remington, Model 700 BDL, 24" bbl. and a Ruger, Model 77, 24" bbl.

    I would also like to hear of any experiences with the 160 Failsafe in a 7mm Remington Magnum. Keeping in mind these projectiles are intended for larger game, has anyone tried them on whitetail deer?

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    Used them extensively and nothing else for several years. If you have some you'd like to sell let me know. I had a chance to buy them for 19.99 per 50 from Midway but was in the midst of a move and didn't. Anyway, they are a great bullet. I bought them loaded as at the time I had quit reloading due to two toddlers running around. I dropped several large whitetails from 40 yards to 225 the largest measured 171". Every time they performed the same. Small entry, large exit with massive trauma in between. Only one deer made it more than a few steps and that was my fault. Hit a doe facing me a little high, traveled the length of the deer and exited at the left rear hip with a wound channel I could put my hand in at the hip. If you should hit a large bone, ie: spine it will put bone fragments all over the place. They are accurate out of my Savage as well, at or under an inch at 100 yds. Try IMR 4351 that usually gave me good velocity and accuracy with 160 to 175 grn bullets.

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    I first used the 180 gr FailSafe on caribou. I then took several blacktails and one pronghorn with the same bullet in my 300 Win. Mag. They work great on smaller game, with very little loss of meat. You're lucky to have a lifetime supply, IMO


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    It should be 4350 not 4351, got in a hurry.

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    Exclamation Not 7mm

    I don't have a 7mm, but I tried them in my Ruger 338 (225gr) and they would "pattern" instead of group so I still have half a box in the safe. They are a great bullet construction wise, but I couldn't use them.

    I hope you get better results.

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    I took a 8' Brownie with the 160's in 7mm a few years ago. Worked flawlessly 2 shots heart lung area from 200 yds, The bear died within 20 feet of impact.


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