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Thread: New Taste Sensation w/ ptarmigan

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    Default New Taste Sensation w/ ptarmigan

    I just cooked up some ptarmigan breasts in a hot smoker and decided to try some Brinjal egg plant relish, an Indian hot pickle spread. The combination works amazingly well.

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    Default tasty...

    That looks interesting Cosmo, where do you get the sauce? Wife is a big eggplant fan...

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    Default bird recipes

    I like to wrap the breasts in bacon and bake them on top of a bed of stuffing, when done cover with lots of gravy!! It doesn't get any better than that.

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    I like that bacon idea, though it pretty much ruins the health benefits of game birds ;-)

    The sauce is pretty easy to find at any health food store or in the ethnic aisle of the department store. There's a whole line of chutneys that might also work good with Alaskan game meats. As far as I know nobody's experimented with the combinations much.

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    Cool bacon

    How do you cook it without burning the bacon? It sounds really good. It looks good. Do you have any other recipes for game birds?

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    Default Mallard Pizza

    Shoot.. now I wish I'd taken a picture!
    I whipped up a home made pizza the other weekend and the only meat I had, thawed or cooked for that matter was a duck I'd been using for sandwich meat etc.
    Anywhoo I chopped up a bit of it and threw it on top. Tasted amazingly like mallard breast on top of a pizza...................
    Maybe not world class but good enough to make again......
    I'm out of duck so it looks like goose pizza next time!!!


    p.s. there are just so many dietary advantages to being a bachellor...


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