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    Hello all,

    Just moved out to Anchorage about a month ago from eastern North Carolina. Avid duck hunter, but sadly haven't been able to get out up here yet. If anyone has an open spot, say Thursday through Sunday, I would really appreciate the opportunity to get out!

    I have all necessary gear for myself, have hunted sea ducks, puddle ducks, you name it. Will chip in for gas, expenses, and will bring some hot breakfast and snacks.

    PM or just post here...Thanks guys.


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    The season is about over up here. Most all of the ponds are iced over and the ducks have beat feet further south toward Juneau. There might be a few available in town at the Coastal Refuge. Just go by Fish & Game and show prooof of a hunter safety class and they can issue you a pass. Access is usually a tough slog through muskeg but it might all be frozen over, making walking easier. Only a little over 300 days until next season.


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