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Thread: Opinions on Kenai/LIttle Su Boat

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    Default Opinions on Kenai/LIttle Su Boat

    I have been researching boats for a while now and am just about ready to purchase one.

    It would be a great help to hear any opinions on the best boat for use on both the Kenai and Little Su.


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    You will definitely want to run a jet unit on the Little Su, but not necessarily on the Kenai. So, if you buy new, buy one with a prop unit and have it converted to a jet so you can keep both. Changing the units out is only an hour job (even shorter once you have done it a time or two).

    Hull design is your preference. I ran a 16' rivited jon boat with a 40hp jet on the Su for years and am now running a 17' welded semi-V with 115hp jet. Since you will be wanting to run the Kenai, you will be stuck getting a 4-stroke 50hp max. Make sure you don't get too much boat for the motor (you will lose about 30% power with the jet). An 18' jon boat would be a good match for that motor. I'm not sure about the Willie predators and such. There are a lot of them on the Kenai though.

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    Check out the Fishrite Fishmaster's. Welded good quality. Lighter, narrower and more flat bottom than Willie Predator and Alumaweld Super V. Doesn't come with the $30,000 price tag either. My dad bought one two seasons ago. Ran it on the Kenai last two years with a 50hp 4-stroke Merc definitley one of the fastest boats on the water. Probably not as light as a Lowe jon boat but I think they are more durable by the looks of them.

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    I bought myself a 18' G3 welded aluminum boat w/a 50 yammie last year to fish mostly the kenai. Didn't get to use it much this year but the times i did i sure liked the boat & motor package. We fished it a few weeks ago and with 4 guys fishing from it(a bit crowded) even with all of us on one side the boat it hardly heeled over in the water, they seem very stable. My friend has one that he uses on the yentna and they haul lots of frieght with it. The post about getting a prop then also getting a jet is right on the money, i plan to do that soon. Unfortunatly you have to deal with Deweys in anchorage to get one, i'd look somewhere else if possible ???

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