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Thread: Ranger Crew with tracks

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    Default Ranger Crew with tracks

    Anyone considering or have the Polaris Ranger Crew? I don't know how good it would be for the summer but I think it would be fantastic set up with tracks and a heated cab for winter hunting with the family. For the $$ it doesn't look like a bad rig compared to the prices of modern sleds! I don't think it has power steering though and with tracks I think that would be a big help.

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    Unisteer sells aftermarket power steering kits for the Ranger, for around $1000.

    If you don't get many replies here, you may want to post your question on the Polaris Ranger Club (PRC) forums as well.

    One thing I would be very concerned about with putting tracks on a vehicle that size, however, would be the weight. A fully loaded Ranger Crew, with 4+ passengers, starts weighing as much as a small truck. You have no idea what getting stuck means until you do it with tracks! Deep powder or getting halfway across an obstacle (like a downed log, which the front tracks clear but the rear tracks don't want to) could stop you cold / dead in your tracks (pardon the puns).

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    I have a regular ranger XT and I love it. It goes everywhere I want. I am more utility than fun so I wanna put tracks on it next summer for winter user. i'd get more out of it than a sled. Plus I can hot dog into more areas where tires just wouldn't cut it.
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