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Thread: 1/32 1x19 cable?

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    Default 1/32 1x19 cable?

    Where can I get some? All I seem to find is 3/32 1x19. If its not avaiable anymore would 1/16 work for marten snares?

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    1/16" should work OK. Are you neck snaring them?

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    Thumbs up Maybe!!!

    Thats what we plan to do and that what weve been instructed to do!!! Lets hope the Marten read the same thing we did and puts his little head in and all works well. Thanks for the reply.

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    I set a few snare for marten every year I've found the larger the cable the less you have to worry about snare marks on the leather side. I use 3/64th 1x19 stainless it works OK.

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    I use 1/16 for fox, lynx, and I play with some for Martin, but most of the time I use leg holds or conis. If you are going to use 1/16 I would make sure to load them. What kind of locks are you going to use? I use a micro lock and I'm happy with them.

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    Default Locks

    We are planning on Micro's. We are about to place our order and get things ready. I'll Let everyone know how it go's and maybe get some pics. This is our first time so I'm not expecting to much but we plan on working hard to get somthing.


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