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Thread: cross country skis advice

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    Default cross country skis advice

    I need to replace my old karhu kodiaks and trak bushwackers. The base is wore out on both skis. I dont telmark or down hill. I will use them for hunting and pulling a sled with light pack. What do you guys recommend.

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    First, I would get waxless skis because overall they will give you better traction than waxable ones. Next I would have my recommended ski length determined by a pro (if I don't already know this) or I bet you can find a website and get a ski at least 5 cm shorter or preferably 10 cm shorter. This will allow you better control of the skis and more maneuverability, especially in tight trees/brush. Finally, I would get a wider ski (maybe not as wide as the Bushwhacker)to give you a bit better flotation, especially on the shorter skis. Do some internet research and I'll bet you'll have a pair to look at within an hour. Also, I haven't bought a pair yet but my next pair will be with the NNN Backcountry bindings. They are easiest to use and the backcountry models are wider and therefore more stable. The downside is that you have to get boots that match but they are fairly inexpensive nowadays.
    hope that helps.

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    rilasp12: Thanks for the advice. I have been using the nnn bc bindings for over 15 years. They are great. Which bc ski has the best base for traction?

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    i have the rossi bc 70s. i like them. they have 65s and i think 90s for a wider base. i use nnn bc bindings with alpina bc boots. they seem to work well. although karhu makes some good skis as well. have you looked at their new skis, most i think came out last season. heard good reviews on them.

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    Wow! have'nt heard of anyone else with these skis. I have a brand new pair of Trax bushwhacker skis I got about 30 yrs ago. I only used them 3 or 4 times. As I recall they worked very well for me. Good luck finding a replacement and happy trails.


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