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Thread: CZ 550 Safari 458 Lott

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    Default CZ 550 Safari 458 Lott

    I won a gun at an NRA Banquet. Anybody have any experience with one of these rifles. Searching the internet I think it probably needs to be bedded before too much use. I find a few mentions of cracking stocks, but that probably is to be expected with this caliber of rifle without doing some work.
    Thanks for any information that you might have.

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    Default 458 Lott

    Jack Lott would be proud of you. The Lott solved the "458 Problem" that almost killed Jack Lott when the 458 Win Mag he had failed to stop a cape buffalo which beat him up badly.

    All that Lott wanted to do was up the velocity of the 458 to 2150 fps, the magic number from the early days of the 450 Rigby. While a modern Lott can be easily upped to 2300 fps for a 500 grain bullet, Lott only wanted to get the required number to 2150. The nice thing about the Lott is the ability to use 458 Win Mag rounds if needed.

    Powders in the Varget burn rate do nicely. I'd load to best accuracy and if over 2150, then that is pure gravy. 2150 to 2200 fps with a 500 grain bullet is good.

    I twice shattered the stock of my CZ Lott, so adding an additional cross bolt forward just behind the stock just behind the recoil lug and glass bedding is a very good idea. I wound up using a laminated stock from Brockmans. It is very good and fits the action like a glove. It has twin cross bolts and is hell for stout.

    I choose to go the 450 grain bullets and pushed them to 2400 fps with Benchmark ppwder, but still consider Varget the best.

    Thew Lott will eat up scopes since it has the highest rise in recoil energy of the big bores. I would put a Leupold Euro 30mm German post 1.25-4 x on it.

    Welcome to the big leagues, with a rifle and caliber that will do to job if you do yours.


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