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Thread: I need MANUAL for LYCOMING 360 series engine..

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    Question I need MANUAL for LYCOMING 360 series engine..

    Hello to all Canadian BUSH PILOTS from Turkey, from Anatolia..

    I am a STUDENT AIRCRAFT MECHANIC (Frame and Engine) in my country at university. I am so interested in General Aviation, at level being crazyy Especially being in command of a glider or a C 172 makes me the happiest people in the world for a while

    Anyway, one of my teachers Mr.Ogultarhan, who is a well experienced BUSH PILOT also, made me to search manuals for LYCOMING 360 SERIES ENGINES..

    Our aim is reaching information about using FUEL which isn't avgas in this engine series.For example using AUTOMOBILE FUEL ın LYCOMING 360 ENGINE?

    In Turkey we have some airfields that we can not find avgas, and also we are needing your helps about this issue..

    By the way I heard, in some conditions like our, we can use AUTOMOBILE FUEL with ADDING SOME CHEMICAL FLUIDS ın the fuel tank,

    For example WHICH FLUIDS should be add to AUTOMOBILE FUEL to use in LYCOMING 360 ENGINE?

    If you inform me about these issues ı will be so so happy..

    Thanks for a forum like this..

    Nice landings..

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    I purchased my 0320 manual on cd from E-bay... im sure the 0360 would be on there as well.

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    Default Auto Fuel

    Don't look for any advise on auto fuel in the Lycoming manual, they won't give it to you. I run Premium unleaded auto gas in my O-360 and it does fine. Every once in a while I put in a few gallons of 100LL avgas just to get some lead in it. Or you can add some lead additives to the auto gas.


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