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Thread: Trying to keep it simple, one load for deer up to moose?

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    Default Trying to keep it simple, one load for deer up to moose?

    So I'm thinking of working up a new load in my .300 Win for hunting. Currently I have a 165 grain load for deer around home and I use a 200 grain TSX for Alaska. For up north, I like the idea of something that would work on a brown bear in a pinch.

    I'm torn between having one load that can do it all or keeping two separate loads. Obviously there are advantages to tailoring the load to the game, but I'm wondering if these would be overshadowed by the extra proficiency and familiarity that the simplicity of one load would bring. Here are my choices

    1. 150 grain tipped TSX (3400 fps) for deer and antelope and maybe elk down south and either 200 grain TSX or 180 grain Tipped TSX for up to Moose sized game.
    2. 165 grain tipped TSX or A frame for whitetail up to moose sized game
    3. 180 grain partition (3000 fps) or tipped TSX for all game from whitetail to moose.

    Also, I havn't tried the new tipped tsx's. would the tip cause overexpansion in tougher animals or would the expansion be the same in a solid copper bullet like the Barnes.

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    i use 180 for everything
    Dont see a problem shooting deer with a 180 in the neck.

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    Default just my thoughts

    If you shoot it with a big bullet--just don't shoot it where it will damage a lot of meat, I am sure I used 180 to drop my moose, shot a deer with 150 and was surprised that it ran a 100yds, cleaned his body out from front to back--shot him thru the brisket area

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    Default 300 Win

    For almost 40 years I have used my 300 Win to shoot every type of game animal I have taken in AK including deer, caribou, sheep, goats, black bear, moose and bison. For everything except the bison I used 180 grain bullets, generally handloaded, and not even loaded to max velocity. For the bison I used 200 grain bullets. I normally aim for the ribs right behind the front leg and that usually damages almost no meat on the way and only a limited amount of rib area on the way out. It will damage heart or lungs on the way through. I have a 270 that I prefer to use for sheep hunting and deer hunting, but have often opted to carry the heavier 300 Win just as a precaution for brown bear. I have never failed to have plenty of energy for the larger game and have not wasted any signifcant meat on any small animal, and I am speaking about a large number of each type of game animal, other than bear, where I have only taken around four animals. I have used Hornady bullets almost exclusively as they have always performed very well for me.

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    use a premium 180 gr. bullet that you and your rifle shoot well and call it good.


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