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Thread: Afognak Deer?

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    Default Afognak Deer?

    I know several people have reported there hunting trips for elk on Afognak. I was wondering about the amount of deer you spotted while elk or deer hunting on the island this year. Thanks for the info.

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    Default Deer

    We just got back from East Afognak on Tuesday, and we were there 7 days and saw 1 doe and the hunters that were there a week before us shot 2 does and never saw a buck, found 1 shed there might be some there. Saw about 50 elk though and got a nice bull.

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    Default Oct 4-12

    I saw about 25-30 deer, does with youngsters. Two bucks.

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    Default Thanks guys.

    Thanks for the info. I guess I will still give it a shot & see if the bucks come out from there hiding spots here mid Nov. Just worried a bit. Last year was the first year in 10+ years we did not even shoot a deer on Afognak. Only spotted 3 does in 6 days, was really sad! We normally limit out on bucks & even fill a proxy tag out as well. Thanks again guys.

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    Default Info?

    Looking for the same info? Anyone else, care to share? Please!!!!


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